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    2020-21 Indoor Season Programs

    Description of 2020 Program Offerings

    LIFT: LIFT your fundamentals. LIFT your training. LIFT your game. A series geared for beginner players (boys and girls ages 8-14). Our coaching staff will train basic fundamentals of volleyball for one 90 minute training weekly for an 18-session series running November through March (skipping holiday weeks). Traditionally, we run a 6:1 ratio for coaches to LIFT athletes.

    REGIONAL: Our REGIONAL program will focus on continuing to grow volleyball skill and knowledge by practicing twice weekly and competing in the Carolina region circuit. Offers for REGIONAL teams should not be taken lightly as many of our travel players began their club volleyball journey right here!

    PLUS: Teams will compete in well-known tournaments including multi-day festival tournaments, as well as, single day tournaments (within the Carolina Region, JVA or AAU leagues).  PLUS teams will practice twice weekly.  Offers for PLUS teams are highly competitive and coaches are hyper focused on talent development to better prepare athletes for future travel teams within the club, as well as training them to improve their performance for high school volleyball and beyond.

    TRAVEL: Our travel program remains the highest level of competition offered at LKN. This program has continued to evolve over the past seasons to ensure that we are setting up our travel players for optimal talent growth.  To do so, the travel teams will compete in sought after tournaments, which may include National Qualifiers, multi-day festival tournaments, and invitational events throughout the Southeast. Teams will practice twice weekly. LKN is looking forward to leading the travel teams to even greater heights this season!

    2020-21 Programs Snapshot