LKN Volleyball Club

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    Meet Director Al Arrington

    Hometown: Richmond, Virginia
    High School: Moncan High School
    HS Sports:  Volleyball, Basketball
    College:  University of Virginia
    College Sports:  Club Volleyball
    Club Coaching Experience: 14 years Coaching, 5 years as Director
    Favorite Book: All books by Malcolm Gladwell
    Favorite Movie: Shawshank Redemption
    Favorite Local Restaurant: Brickhouse Tavern!
    To-Do Bucket List Item: Travel to Italy
    Describe Yourself in Three Words: Fun and Tall!
    Family: Vicky (wife), Darby (daughter), Abbey and Ellee (dogs)

    Meet Director Katie Cook

    Hometown: Born in Orlando, FL & Raised in Northern VA & Charlotte, NC
    High School: Charlotte Latin
    HS Sports: Volleyball, Captain
    College: Virginia Tech
    College Sports: Club Volleyball
    Club Coaching Experience: 6 Years
    HS Coaching Experience: 2 Years
    Role Model: Father
    Favorite Movie: Meet the Parents
    Favorite Local Restaurant: Red Rocks
    Bucket List To Do: Travel to Tahiti
    Describe Yourself in Three Words: Outgoing, Leader, Laugher
    Family: Andy (husband), Laine, Myers, Banks, Crews (children), Rudy, Cally (dogs)

    Meet Director Victoria Arrington

    Hometown:  Concord, NC
    High School: Jay M. Robinson HS
    HS Sports: Volleyball
    Volleyball Club/s: Lake Norman Volleyball Club
    College:  UNC Charlotte
    College Sports: Club Volleyball
    Current Sports: Sand and Grass Volleyball
    Club Coaching Experience:  10 years (all at LKN)
    HS Coaching Experience: 7 years
    Middle School Coaching Experience:  2 years
    Role Model: Pat Summitt
    Favorite Movie: Anything with Tom Hanks!
    Favorite local restaurant: Kindred
    Describe Yourself in Three Words: Disciplined, Passionate, Caring
    Family:  Al (husband), Darby (daughter), Abbey & Ellee (canine kids)

    Meet Director Wendy Rusk

    Hometown: Kentwood, MI (Grand Rapids)
    High School: East Kentwood HS
    HS Sports: Volleyball, Basketball, Softball
    College: Michigan State University
    College Sports: Varsity Volleyball
    Additional College Acknowledgements: Began MSU’s 1st Men’s Club Volleyball program
    Additional Playing Experience: Competitive Beach Volleyball Player through Midwest & Florida in Women’s & Co-ed with husband, Dave Rusk.  Currently competing locally.
    Club Coaching Experience: 7 years
    High School Coaching Experience: 4 years (sand program)
    Grade School Coaching Experience: 3 years
    Additional Coaching Experience: Co-Director of LKN’s Sand Program, Volleyball & Sports Strength, Agility & Fitness Trainer, North Meck Soccer Club, NASM Certified Trainer
    Role Model: Jesus Christ- Be Still and Know That:10 I am GOD.  Psalm, 46
    Favorite TV Series: Friday Night Lights
    Describe Yourself in Three Words:  Live with Passion!
    Family:  Dave (Husband), Kelsey & Kayla (Daughters)

    Meet Director Andy Cook

    Hometown:  Danville, VA
    High School: George Washington HS
    HS Sports: Baseball, Basketball
    College: William and Mary
    College Sports: Baseball
    Professional Sports: NY Mets, Pitcher, 5 Years
    Club Coaching Experience: 6 Years
    HS Coaching Experience: 2 Years
    Additional Coaching Experience:  Baseball Head Coach
    Role Model: Dad
    Favorite Move: Tombstone
    Favorite local restaurant: Red Rocks
    Bucket List To Do:  Travel to Ireland
    Describe Yourself in Three Words:  Tall, Competitive, Fun
    Family:  Katie (wife), Laine, Myers, Banks, Crews (children), Rudy, Cally (dogs)

    Meet Director Dave Rusk

    Hometown:  Kokomo, IN
    College:  Ball State University
    College Sports: Ball State Volleyball Club & Intramural Volleyball
    Current/Other Athletic Acknowledgments: “Have played in well over 150 indoor and sand tournaments over the course of my career.  Have played in 2 USAV (formerly USVBA) nationals.”
    Club Coaching Experience:  7 years
    HS Coaching Experience: 8 years
    Other Acknowledgments: Started LKN Sand Program with wife, Wendy Rusk. Started & Directed Sand Facility in Indianapolis, IN. Started the local program under the former Lake Norman VBC which helped develop the Regional and Plus level teams.
    Role Model: Karch Kiraly
    Favorite Netflix Series: Game of Thrones
    Favorite Restaurant: Red Rocks
    To-Do Bucket List Item: Play in the Motherload Volleyball Tournament, Travel to Europe & Australia
    Describe Yourself in Three Words: Live with Passion!
    Family:  Wendy (Wife), Kelsey (Daughter), Kayla (Daughter), Razor (Dog), Simba (Cat)