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2020-21 Beach Elite Detail

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Lake Norman Volleyball wants to continue to grow the beach volleyball game through offering a wide variety of programs throughout the year. Due to the growth of beach volleyball in recent years many athletes are choosing to work on their beach game in lieu of indoor volleyball. To that end, we are continuing our dedicated Elite Beach program this year for the second year running!

Overview- Players will train at Precision Fitness with Verun Tahiliani, BS, ACSM EP-C, 2 days per week December - February.
Players will be in the sand (or gym) 1 day per weekend for 2 hours, December-February, to work on beach volleyball skills. Times and weekend day TBD.

Starting in March-June, players will train in the sand 3 days per week.  One practice per week will focus primarily on strength and conditioning building on the work done at Precision Fitness. All sand training will be held at Blythe Landing in Huntersville.

Cost Breakdown- Cost is $2649.00 for the season. Due to the nature of the program & limited number of athletes we plan on taking, all athletes must interview with the coaches prior to acceptance.  There is no formal tryout process for this program outside of the interview. The program fee includes/covers all coaching, court time, athletic conditioning/fitness training, video work/analysis and assistance with college recruitment. Price also includes entry into one LKN Beach Tournament and an LKN Beach shirt/tank. All other tournament fees and travel expenses are not included.  Please refer to our FAQs for questions regarding the unique circumstances this season.  The Beach Elite program is fortunate to play predominately outside which creates fewer restrictions.

Registration Details:

1.     All prospective Beach Elite athletes are required to register for tryouts under their age division and pay the $50 administration fee. Tryout registration takes place in your Stack Sports account.

2.  All prospective Beach Elite athletes attend a specialized tryout at the BLYTHE Landing outdoor volleyball courts run by coaches Kaye & Verun.  Time and date to be communicated in early October 2020.

**Note: If any of the prospective beach elite players want to be considered for indoor – plan to participate in indoor tryouts via a separate registration for your designated age group.

For more information contact our Beach Elite Program Directors Kaye Tahiliani Or Verun Tahilliani at 704-895-2857 or

    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.

    For questions, please contact us directly at: