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Highlights from Boys' Nationals
2018-19 LKN Boys' Team FAQs

What age group will the boys team be? 
14U (by Sept. 1, 2019)

When are tryouts for the boys team?
Sunday, Oct. 21 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

What team level will the boys team be?
Regional Plus

Who will coach the 14U Boys team?
Dave Rusk (Head Coach) & Wendy Rusk (Assistant Coach)

What are the team dues for the boys team?

What uniform components will be required?
2 boy's jerseys, 1 pair of mesh shorts, 2 LKN practice tees
Optional: backpack, hat, knee pads, shoes, etc.

Do I need playing experience to tryout?
No! Familiarity with the game is a plus, but we will train our athletes

What to do next?
Register for tryouts by creating / logging in to your StackSports account!