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    2018-19 Scholarship Application Process

    LKN offers scholarship opportunities to families with financial need.  We strongly believe that any player should be able to train and play volleyball, and not be held back because of the club dues.  As such, LKN actively pursues donations that are strictly available to supplement athlete's fees.  Let us be clear however; that not wanting to pay and not being able to pay are very different statements.  Sacrifices should be made for your child to play club volleyball.  Sometimes this takes the form of athletes sharing a room at a travel tournament, cutting back on other entertainment options, or even the athlete getting a small job to help offset the fees.  We also recognize that we cannot help everyone, so we have a lengthy application process that must be followed for consideration.

    The application process should be completed before tryouts and does require proof of financial need.  No player should accept a position on a team on the condition that they will receive a scholarship. Additionally, an applicant cannot begin the process with a balance due on their player account.  The scholarships are approved through the LKN Board of Directors and are kept strictly confidential.  Scholarship awards are processed as an offset to club dues through your StackSports player account. Previous scholarship award winners must submit an application for each upcoming season.

    NEW! The scholarship application for the 2020-21 season is now available HERE until September 30, 2020.