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2020-21 Indoor Season FAQs
Posted Aug 29, 2020
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    2020-21 Indoor Season FAQs

    LKN Volleyball 2020-21 Season FAQ’s

    1. Will this season look different than years prior?

      Yes, without a doubt. Things are different right now and there’s no way to dress that up with sprinkles and icing.  However, we commit to you 1.) We will communicate in a detailed and timely manner any time we have key updates or changes.  ) We are doing our best to deliver a season that stands behind three of our key values: Coaching, Competition and Collaboration.  3.) We are ALL IN this season to offer volleyball training in a safe, compliant, organized, fun and memorable way. 

    2. How will LKN be adhering to state and local guidance in response to COVID-19?

      We operate in accordance with state and local ordinance at all times. The most obvious ways you will see this is by way of minimizing people in the gym at one time.  Parents and spectators will not be permitted to enter the gym and coaches will chaperone the pickup / drop off process.

    3. How can I participate in LKN’s 2020-21 Season?

      LKN desires to maintain a fair club tryout process with a standardized tryout window so in order to participate in our indoor club season you will need to attend tryouts beginning October 3, 2020 for your assigned time slot. Tryouts and signing dates established by the Carolina Region are intended to provide the players opportunity to find the right team for them each season.  For over 30 years, area clubs have followed the guidelines set by the Carolina Region with the understanding that this creates a fair opportunity and process. The policy is reviewed and updated each year by all clubs.  The 2020-2021 tryout policies can be found here:  Carolina Region 2020-21 Tryout Policies Clubs that disregard these policies are consciously looking to gain an advantage over other clubs at the expense of players’ choice.  LKN Volleyball Club understands that tryouts are already an emotional time and wants to champion a fair process.  For more information on the “why” behind our Fair Tryout Pledge – please view our COVID-19 response letter.
      1. To participate in our LIFT fundamental training, you will also need to register through our tryout portal though tryouts are not required
      2. To participate in our BEACH Elite year-round program, you will also need to register through our tryout portal though tryouts are not required (1:1 coach interviews are)

    4. How will you be keeping the gym safe & meeting safety standards?

      LKN will be using USAV’s Return to Play Guidelines to create the safest environment possible and will adapt cleaning practices as necessary. Instructions will be provided to families upon team acceptance about the club’s “Be Healthy” standards.  Families will be asked to sign a basic waiver acknowledging the risk in participating this season and we will commit to the standards outlined for the duration of the season.

    5. How will we be traveling this season?

      This year, our LIFT program will train on site at our gym facility only. Our Regional teams will compete within the state of North Carolina only (drivable within 2-3 hours max).  Our Plus teams will compete within the states of North Carolina and South Carolina only.  Our Travel teams (Select or Elite) will travel within North Carolina, South Carolina, and other cities within a 4-5 hour driving range.  We will not be participating in tournaments this season requiring flights and discourage the use of mass transit to access the playing sites.  In some cases, Stay to Play requirements may be in place for bigger tournaments, but otherwise parents will have full discretion on their accommodations in the event an overnight stay is required.

    6. What will practices look like this season?

      LIFT participants will practice 90 minutes once per week. Our indoor club teams will practice at least 90 minutes twice weekly (to allow for safe entry / exit and cleaning time between teams).  If we can safely return to 120-minute sessions, we will.  This season we will not offer skills and drills training due to limiting the number of participants on site to a safe number; however, the tournament schedule will be reflective of extra play to make up for some of the time that our group training offered.  Additionally, our coaches will be available for small group and 1:1 lessons throughout the season if there is a specific skill your athlete would like to develop further outside of practice and tournament play.

    7. What tournaments will we be playing in?

      Depending on your team placement, LKN will be participating in Carolina Region tournaments, JVA tournaments, AAU tournaments and/or National Qualifiers. Schedules will be published following team assignment.  Referring back to #1 above, we anticipate there will be occasional schedule updates or changes if the health climate changes.  That said, our teams will be designed to offer a similar number of tournament play days throughout season as in years prior.  (e.g., LIFT – training is in house only, Regional – 6 tournament days, Plus – 8-10 tournament days, Travel – 16-20 tournament days).  Team Pricing will be reflective of the number and type of tournament registrations for that team. 

    8. Will spectators be allowed at tournaments?

      The short answer is we don’t know for sure. We expect this to vary by tournament, but feel comfortable stating that you should plan for a maximum of one (1) spectator in addition to your athlete at tournaments until further notice.  We will communicate known requirements on a per tournament level to all teams throughout the season.

    9. What is LKN asking of its families this season?

      Quite simply we are asking for grace and trust. We assure you this season will be a testament to our commitment to this club, its families, the game of volleyball, and the desire to grow our athletes.  We will not be able to forecast every bump along the way or plan for every sharp turn, but our sincere hope is that even in difficult and unpredictable circumstances we execute a season that causes all of us to look back on it and say: “We’re so thankful we did this!”