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LKN 2017 PreSeason Skills Series

This series will replace the previous open gym model and allow each player to get dedicated skill training ahead of tryouts, meet coaches and train on a higher level. To best maximize reps we have divided the groups by age (as of 9/1/2018):

  • Basic - 14 and Under
  • Advanced -  15 and Older

Additionally, we have focused the skills into four separate categories to allow for dedicated training in your athlete’s desired position:

  • Digging & Serve Receive
  • Pin Hitting (Outside & Right Side)
  • Middle Hitting & Blocking
  • Setting

The $129 registration fee covers the entire 6 weeks, for 75 minutes of training on Sundays, beginning September 10th, at the Rainbow Childcare Center gym in Huntersville and is led by LKN coaches.

Registration is available until September 4th, or until all 24 spots in a session are claimed. After September 4th, registration will only be made available on a weekly basis (Monday preceding the next session), for any remaining spots at $20 per session.

This is a perfect way to augment your training for the upcoming school season and best prepare for this year's LKN club tryouts!  Register now through our website by logging in to your LKN member account.

Session Times:

Full Series *All Sundays*

1pm-2:15pm – Basic Setting
1pm-2:15pm- Basic Middles


2:30pm-3:45pm- Basic Pin Hitting
2:30pm-3:45pm – Basic Digging and Serve Receive


4pm-5:15pm- Advanced Pin Hitting
4pm – 5:15pm – Advanced Middles


5:30pm-6:45pm- Advanced Digging & Serve Receive
5:30pm-6:45pm – Advanced Setting