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Meet Coach Molly Gwaltney

Hometown: Germantown, TN
High School: St. Mary’s HS (Colorado Springs)
HS Sports: Volleyball, Tennis
Volleyball Club/s: Stellar, Altitude
College:  Belmont Abbey College
College Sports: Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Tennis
Club Coaching Experience: 5 years
HS Coaching Experience: 5 years (2016 1A State Champions!)
Role Model: My Momma- “Fix your face!”
Favorite Book: Anything by Jodi Picoult
Favorite Netflix Series: Peaky Blinders, House of Cards
Favorite Local Restaurant: Aria (uptown)
To-Do Bucket List Item: Travel to Australia
Family: Susan (Momma), Pete (Daddy), Trey, Aaron, & Jody (Brothers)


Meet Coach Natalie Nieman

Hometown: Winchester, VA
High School: Hickory Grove Christian
HS Sports: Volleyball
Volleyball Club/s: Carolina Storm
College:  Montreat College
College Sports: Varsity Volleyball
Club Coaching Experience: 5 years
HS Coaching Experience: 3 years
College Coaching Experience: 2 years
Role Model: My Mom, who has coached volleyball while battling MS for 25 years. 
Favorite Book: Wild and Free
Favorite Local Restaurant: Amelie’s
To-Do Bucket List Item: Travel throughout Europe
Describe Yourself in Three Words:  Sweet, Caring, Fun
Family: Donna (Mom), James (Dad), Jasmine (Sister)

Meet Coach Andy Cook

Hometown:  Danville, VA
High School: George Washington HS
HS Sports: Baseball, Basketball
College: William and Mary
College Sports: Baseball
Professional Sports: NY Mets, Pitcher, 5 Years
Club Coaching Experience: 6 Years
HS Coaching Experience: 2 Years
Additional Coaching Experience:  Baseball Head Coach
Role Model: Dad
Favorite Move: Tombstone
Favorite local restaurant: Red Rocks
Bucket List To Do:  Travel to Ireland
Describe Yourself in Three Words:  Tall, Competitive, Fun
Family:  Katie (wife), Laine, Myers, Banks (children), Rudy, Cally (dogs)

Meet Coach Kjnel Jackson

Hometown: Charlotte, NC
High School: West Charlotte HS
HS Sports: Volleyball, Basketball
College: North Carolina A&T University
College Sports: Volleyball, Intramural at NCCU
Additional Athletic Acknowledgments: 6 years as a recreational volleyball player, Char-Meck All Conference Team, 4 year Captain
Club Coaching Experience: 3 year
HS Coaching Experience: 4 years
Role Model: Maya Angelo
Favorite Movie: Selena
Favorite Local Restaurant: Pisces Sushi
To-Do Bucket List Item: Visit Santorini, Greece
Family: Shirley Jackson (mom), Kenney Jackson (dad), Keneshia & Nirvana Jackson (sisters)

Meet Coach Sondra Parys

Hometown: Crystal Lake, IL
High School: Prairie Ridge HS
HS Sports: Volleyball
Volleyball Club/s: Club Fusion
College: University of Toledo
College Sports: Volleyball
Additional Athletic Acknowledgments: 2009 All MAC Freshman, European Tour (Club Fusion, 18-1’s Team)
Club Coaching Experience: 8 years
HS Coaching Experience: 3 years
College Coaching Experience: 4 years
Additional Coaching Experience: Gymnastic Coach
Role Model: Parents
Favorite Local Restaurant: CowFish
Describe Yourself in Three Words: Driven, Kind-Hearted, Courageous
Family: Joe (Father), Lori (Mother), Joe & Jori (Siblings)

Meet Coach Alison Benton

Hometown: Born in Illinois, Raised in Gainesville, FL
High School: St. Francis Catholic HS
HS Sports: Volleyball, Soccer
Volleyball club/s: Gainesville Juniors

College:  Catawba College
College Sports: Volleyball
Volleyball Acknowledgments: Runner-up for Florida 3A Player of the Year, MVP of AAU Nationals Club
Club Coaching Experience: 1 Year
Describe yourself in three words: Easy-going, Hardworking, Competitive
Favorite Netflix Series: Grey’s Anatomy  
Favorite Restaurant:  Go Burrito (in Salisbury)
Role Model: My Mom
To-Do Bucket List Item: Really would like to SKYDIVE!
Family: Jerry & Sue Benton (Parents), Abby (Sister, who plays at Catawba, as well.)