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    Meet Coach Brian Bistreich

    Hometown: Born in Birmingham, AL & raised in Statesville, NC
    High School: Statesville HS
    HS Sports: Soccer, Cross Country, Track, Tennis, Baseball, Swimming
    College: UNC Charlotte
    College Sports:  Intramural Volleyball, Club Soccer, Flag Football…
    Current Sports: 13 years of Doubles Player (Level A), Sand Players, Grass Player, Winner of multiple tournaments and Leagues in Men’s & Co-ed Doubles Indoor
    Club Coaching Experience: 13 years
    Middle School Coaching Experience: 3 years
    HS Coaching Experience: 5 years
    College Coaching Experience: 3 years
    Favorite Movie: Last Man Standing
    Favorite Local Restaurant: Bad Daddy’s

    Meet Coach Matalee Reed

    Hometown: Dallas, Texas
    High School: Lake Highlands High School
    HS Sports: Volleyball
    Volleyball Club/s: Skyline Juniors Volleyball Club
    College: Wake Forest University
    College Sports: Varsity Volleyball
    3 Words to Describe Yourself: Determined, Loyal, Compassionate
    Role Model: My Parents =)
    Favorite Book: Anything by Liane Moriarty or Karen Slaughter
    Bucket List: Camp in Monument Valley
    Family: Roy- 3 year old puppy

    Welcome Coach Stacey Boerema

    Hometown: Clinton, Iowa
    High School: Clinton High School
    HS Sports: Volleyball, Basketball, Track, Softball
    College: Drake University
    College Sports: Volleyball, Rec Basketball
    Volleyball Acknowledgments: 1st Iowa HS female to jump 6’, Iowa HS State Record
    Club Coaching Experience: 3 Years
    Describe yourself in three words: Sarcastic, Laid-Back, Supportive
    Role Model: My Dad, “Be like a duck. Remain calm on the surface and paddle like crazy underneath.”
    Favorite Movie, Book, Netflix Series: Big Daddy, Where the Sidewalk Ends, The Office
    Favorite Local Restaurant: The Smoke Pit
    To-Do Bucket List Item: Visit the Great Barrier Reef
    Family: Lonny & Lori- Parents, Leann & Karen- Sisters

    Meet Coach Kadi Oswalt

    Hometown: Statesville, NC
    High School: West Iredell High School
    HS Sports: Volleyball, Softball, Soccer
    Volleyball Club: I.C. Stars Volleyball Club
    College: UNCC
    College Sports: Club Volleyball
    Current Sports: Grass Volleyball
    Club Coaching Experience: 3 Years
    Describe yourself in three words: Happy, Ambitious, Competitive
    Role Model: My Mother
    Favorite Movie, Netflix Series: Harry Potter, Grey’s Anatomy
    Favorite Local Restaurant: Kobe
    To-Do Bucket List Item: Skydive
    Family: Tracey Gallyon- Mother, Mark Ostwalt- Dad, Jordan Ostwalt- Sister

    Meet Coach Taylor Houser

    Hometown:  Mt. Holly, NC
    High School: South Point HS
    HS Sports: Volleyball, Softball
    Volleyball Club/s: Lake Norman, Rock Hill VBC
    College:  Pfeiffer University, Catawba College
    College Sports: Varsity Volleyball, Senior Captain
    Current Sports: Sand and Grass Volleyball Tournaments
    Club Coaching Experience:  5 years
    HS Coaching Experience: 2 year
    Middle School Coaching Experience:  4 years
    Role Model: My Dad, “I can tolerate mistakes, but I can’t tolerate lack of effort.”
    Favorite Book: Harry Potter Book Series
    To-Do Bucket List Item:  Travel to Europe
    Describe Yourself in Three Words: Hard-working, Loyal, Stubborn

    Meet Coach Heather Wilson

    Hometown:  Concord, NC
    High School: Concord HS
    HS Sports: Volleyball
    HS Volleyball Acknowledgments: 4 Year Varsity starter, 4 Year Scholar Athlete, 2 Years All Conference, 2 Years Player of the Year
    Volleyball Club: Piedmont VBC, CJV
    College: Washington State University, Campbell Unviersity
    College Sports: Varsity Volleyball (at both schools)
    College Volleyball Acknowledgments: Team Captain, Atlantic Sun All Academic Honors, Big South Presidential Honor Role, Big South All Academic Team, All Tournament team selection at 4 Preseason Tournaments
    Three Words to Describe Yourself: Leader, Dedicated, Energetic
    Role Model/s:  My parents
    Favorite Movie: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    Favorite Local Movie: The Cow Fish
    To Do Bucket List Item: Cage dive with Great White sharks
    Family: Joseph & Stacey Wilson (Parents), Brittany Wilson (Younger Sister)

    LKN Joins the Junior Volleyball Association