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    Meet Coach Chelsea Ellis

    Hometown: Statesville, NC
    High School: West Iredell HS
    HS Sports: Volleyball, Basketball
    College:  Appalachian State University
    College Sports: Club Volleyball
    Club Coaching Experience: 3 years
    HS Coaching Experience: 2 year (Concord High)
    Role Model: Larry Bird- “Push yourself again & again.  Don’t give an inch until the final buzzer sounds.”
    Favorite Book: A Thousand Splendid Suns
    Favorite Movie: Harry Potter
    Favorite Local Restaurant: Cowfish
    To-Do Bucket List Item: Travel to Ethiopia & provide medical attention to those in need.
    Describe Yourself in Three Words: Energetic, Positive, Driven
    Family: Sandy Ellis (Mother), Steve Ellis (Father), Michael Ellis (Brother)

    Meet Coach Veronica Elfe

    Hometown: Bay Shore, NY
    High School:  Bay Shore HS
    HS Sports: Volleyball, Basketball, Track
    College: Wingate University
    College Sports:  Varsity Volleyball
    Club Coaching Experience: 9 years
    HS Coaching Experience: 9 years
    Middle School Coaching Experience: 6 years
    Favorite Book:  Quiet Strength by Tony Dungy
    Favorite Movie: Breakfast Club
    Favorite Local Restaurant: Cabo Fish Taco
    To-Do Bucket List Item: Travel to Sicily
    Describe Yourself in Three Words: Enthusiastic, Passionate, Strategic
    Family: Alexander Viera (fiancé), Dillon, Roxy, Kato (Dogs)

    Meet Coach Alex Viera

    Hometown: Born in Los Angeles, CA, Raised in Bay Shore, NY
    High School: Bay Shore HS
    HS Sports:  Volleyball
    Club/s: UVBC National (14s-18s)
    College:  Johnson & Whales University
    College Sports:  Varsity Volleyball
    Additional Volleyball Acknowledgments: JWU Captain, 2nd in Career Digs and Sets Played, Qualified to attend Nationals 4 times with UVBC
    Club Coaching Experience: 4 years
    HS Coaching Experience: 2 year
    Favorite Movie: Star Wars, Giver
    Favorite Local Restaurant: Cabo Fish Taco
    To-Do Bucket List Item: Learn to fly a plane!
    Describe Yourself in Three Words: Calm, Competitive, Tense
    Family: Veronica

    Meet Coach Meredith Furr

    Hometown:  Concord, NC
    High School:  Cox Mill HS
    HS Sports:  Volleyball, Track
    Volleyball Club/s: Carolina Storm
    College:  Catawba College, Senior
    College Sports:  Varsity Volleyball
    Position:  Libero/Setter
    Club Coaching Experience:  2 years
    Role Model: My Dad
    Favorite Movie:  Love Horror movies!
    Favorite Local Restaurant:  Cheesecake Factory
    To-Do Bucket List Item: Skydive
    Describe Yourself in Three Words:  Positive, Energetic, Competive
    Family:  Tim Furr (Dad), Donna Furr (Mom), Katie Marburger (Sister), Cooper (Dog)

    Meet Coach Katie Beecher

    Hometown: Concord, NC
    High School: Concord HS
    HS Sports: Varsity Volleyball
    Volleyball Club: Lake Norman VBC
    College: Liberty University, Shepherd University
    College Sports: Varsity Volleyball
    Club Coaching Experience: 2 years
    HS Coaching Experience: 1 year
    College Coaching Experience: Currently in first year
    Describe Yourself in Three Words: Compassionate, Intense, Free-spirited
    Role Model: My Grandmother
    Favorite Local Restaurant: Futo Buta
    Favorite Netflix Series: The Walking Dead
    To-Do Bucket List Item: Visit Israel
    Family: Pam & Scott (Parents), Tommy, Matt & BJ (Brothers)

    Meet Coach Megan Sirbaugh

    Hometown: Stephen’s City, VA
    High School: Sherando High School
    HS Sports: Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer
    Volleyball Club: NVVA (Northern Virginia Volleyball Association)
    College: Virginia Tech
    College Sports:  Club Volleyball
    Current Sports:  Grass and Beach Volleyball through the Southeast, Surfing, Wake boarding, Water skiing
    Coaching Experience:  Grade School
    Role Model:  Kerri Walsh
    Favorite Local Restaurant: Pinky’s
    To-Do Bucket List Item:  Cross Country road trip
    Family: Laura & Alan Sirbaugh (Parents), Morgan Sirbaugh (Sister)

    LKN Joins the Junior Volleyball Association