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2019-2020 LKN Team Store & Uniform Ordering

The LKN Team Store is currently closed.  You will be notified via StackSports once the store opens for the 2019-2020 Season!

This season, we're continuing our Mizuno partnership for 2019-2020! Our jersey designs no longer run the risk of being retired or redesigned.  Additionally, they have our player names on the back shoulders! Mizuno makes a terrific, high quality, durable, long lasting volleyball product and we are excited to continue offering their lineup!

Please take a moment to read our FAQs PRIOR to placing your order.  

  • I am a returning player from the 2018-19 season, what should I do?
          1. Returning players will KEEP their existing jerseys unless they're moving from a plus to a travel team.  In this case, they'll also need to order a third grey jersey and a warmup pullover to fullfull the package requirements for the travel teams.  
          2.  If you've had a growth spurt, you're more than welcome to order the next size up in your jersey package for the team you're assigned to. 

  • Can I pick my own jersey number?
    1. Sorry, not so. Jersey numbers are automatically assigned by LKN based on age and team level. 
  • I am playing on a Travel team - what am I required to buy? 
    1. 3 sublimated jerseys (red, black, grey) and a team warmup pullover.
    2. Your uniform package price is $249
  • I am playing on a Plus team - what am I required to buy? 
    1. 2 sublimated jerseys (red and black) and a pink practice tee.
    2. Your uniform package price is $149
  • I am playing on a BOYS team - what am I required to buy? 
    1. 2 sublimated jerseys (red and black), black mesh shorts, and a lemon practice tee.
    2. Your uniform package price is $149
  • Am I required to purchase a ball?
    1. If you are a returning LKN player and you have a ball, you are not required to purchase a new ball this season.
    2. If you are new to LKN – you are required to purchase a LKN approved ball from the team store.
      1. **If you are playing on the 12’s team – please be sure to purchase a volley lite.**
    1. If you are new to club volleyball, we recommend the following:
      1. Backpack (travel teams)
      2. Warm up pants (travel teams)
      3. Additional practice tees (all teams)
      4. Shoes (new players and boys)
      5. Fan gear for parents or family members – we are all about unity at our events!
  • I would like to order holiday gifts for my child – will they arrive in time?
    1. That’s the goal! The team store will close in time to allow delivery to your doorstep by the Friday before Christmas!
  • I would like to purchase adult gear, when should I do that?
    1. We recommend also outfitting yourselves with parent gear during this opening of the team store. Our team store operates on a bulk ship structure which means that we close it with a large batch of orders.  The turnaround time is several weeks, so in order to maximize wear this season – we recommend ordering supplemental parent (or player) gear NOW!
  • Who should I contact if I have questions about the team store?
    1. Our representative for team store orders is Emily Bingham – she is accessible by e-mail at or by phone 800-535-3975 ext. 104. Be sure to reference your order number or athlete’s name.