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    2020-21 Tryouts Update & COVID-19 Response

    UPDATE: Tryout registration NOW LIVE.  For additional questions, please check out our FAQs and Program Offerings.


    Former Announcement from August 4, 2020.

    LKN Families:

    As we find ourselves in the beginning of August and what would have been peak preseason volleyball training for our local middle and high schools, we want you to know that we are thinking of you and missing the court, the comradery, and the conditioning as much as you are!

    Consistent with the North Carolina High School Athletics Association, LKN Volleyball Club is going to delay our tryout and program offerings announcement until the week of September 1st, 2020 so we know the final outcomes of school sports and can assimilate as needed.

    We understand that there are other volleyball clubs in our area who are continuing to host camps and clinics indoors, and most recently, Carolina Juniors (CJV) announced club tryouts will be held the end of August. We also anticipate others may follow suit with early tryouts.  LKN will not be hosting early tryouts as we are confident this is not in the best interest of our families for a variety of reasons:

    1. LKN desires to maintain a fair club tryout process with a standardized tryout window

    Tryouts and signing dates established by the Carolina Region are intended to provide the players opportunity to find the right team for them each season.  For over 30 years, area clubs have followed the guidelines set by the Carolina Region with the understanding that this creates a fair opportunity and process. The policy is reviewed and updated each year by all clubs.  The 2020-2021 tryout policies can be found here:  Carolina Region 2020-21 Tryout Policies

    Clubs that disregard these policies are consciously looking to gain an advantage over other clubs at the expense of players’ choice.  Now all clubs must choose to follow their timeline or stand for what’s right.  LKN Volleyball Club understands that tryouts are already an emotional time and wants to champion a fair process.

    1. Upholding safety and health among our coaches, players, families and broader community is our top priority

    Regardless of the established policies, the reality of COVID-19 has certainly disrupted the sport of volleyball.  Under the current NC Executive Order for Phase 2, mass gatherings must be limited to 10 people indoors except for approved summer camps.  Additionally, USAV has issued Return to Play procedures for volleyball indicating that group or team play is High Risk.  With this in mind, we feel that sending our kids back to the gym without fully understanding how our state’s high schools are going to respond would be inconsistent and not in the best interest of our coaches’ or players’ health and safety at this time.

    While each of us is anxious to get back onto the court, we must do it safely and responsibly. LKN Volleyball Club is a family-first environment and the safety of our players will always be paramount.

    1. Accelerating the tryout window projects a normal club volleyball season and LKN strives for transparency

    It is increasingly clear that club volleyball will be different for the 2020-2021 season.  As data continues to provide guidance, adapting to some of these changes will require patience and prudent decision-making.  Travel restrictions, spectator policies, and rule changes (just to name a few) will continue to evolve throughout the season.  This complexity demands that club leadership evaluate what can be done safely rather than simply following a standard model of the past.  Clubs will need to be adaptive to what is permitted for travel, spectators, and safety protocols which yields an experience that is decidedly different this season. 

    Adding earlier months to our 2020-21 club season when all other sports at all levels are shortening their seasons is misguided, illogical, and self-serving.  LKN is a non-profit organization that serves its community by understanding what is valuable to the players and their families, not the business.  We are very fortunate to be in a position with rented gym space that doesn’t demand occupancy like many other clubs in the area with their own space; and we are continuously dialoguing with our Huntersville and Mallard Creek gym partners on LKN’s return to play guidelines and timing.

    We recognize that the pandemic situation may not improve dramatically by the original Carolina Region tryout window; and we accept that is uncontrollable. However, we WILL know much more about the virus, its transmission, and the progress with a vaccine. We will also know more about tournament plans for the upcoming season and we can assemble a clearer picture of program offerings with maximum details at that time.

    Rest assured, our goal is to provide a safe, competitive, and well-rounded solution for our athletes this season that continues to develop their volleyball career despite the unexpected pause we’ve all encountered with competitive sports.  We ask that you patiently await the news we will share about the upcoming season with an attitude of grace – trusting that these decisions are multi-faceted, challenging, and ultimately reflective of how much we value our LKN families and athletes.  


    LKN Volleyball Club Leadership Team